Using our extensive knowledge and experience of specifying and
installing ramps we are pleased to offer our RapidRamp range that
is easy on the eye, refined, durable and robust. The range of
components have been exclusively designed to comply with
Approved Document M and by implication, BS8300 : 2001.



Durable :

  electro deposition, powder coated high grade steel (200+ micron) is weather resistant whilst nylon washers protect the finish, further increasing the longevity of the ramp.


Flexible :

  height of each platform/ramp section is fully adjustable whilst each handrail has a small degree
of adjustability to ensure a perfect installation.


Quick Installation :

  rectangular holes on each platform/ramp section and the use of coach bolts enable the handrails to be secured from the ‘outside’, significantly reducing the time and effort taken for installation.


Reuseable :

modular nature of the ramp system means it can be
easily reuseable and reconfigured; individual items
may also be regalvanised and recoated.
Rapid Ramp Systems are not just green in colour!
Rapid Ramps
Doc M Compliant features :
■  1000mm wide ramp sections
■  900mm hand rail with 100mm kerb
■  42mm diameter handrails is comfortable and easy to grip
with connectors
■   ensures a smooth continuous handrail
Trombone ends project 300mm for added safety
■  Multi-directional slip resistant walkways
■  Dark green finish contrasts with walkways
■  ‘Warm feel’ coating with excellent abrasion resistance

  Proven design and installation

  Sturdy and durable system with components that are
easily installed, dismantled and re-configured

  Premium high quality modular steel construction

  Hi-build powder coated finish to handrails with choice of

  Slip-resistant galvanised mesh flooring is practical and
highly cost-effective than concrete ramps, providing:
Ice resistance
Excellent drainage

  All products can be refurbished and reinstalled
  Bespoke or modular projects undertaken

  Fast and efficient installation and excellent on-site
service with minimum disruption

  Turn-key projects includes:
Full free-site survey
Detailed CAD drawings
Accurate estimating and costing
Preparation of ground works by our trained site
engineers, and full installation
Removal, storage and re-site and install service
After sales service

  Removal, storage and refurbishment available for local
authorities and multi-users
rapid ramp 1

rapid ramp 2

rapid ramp 3

rapid ramp 4

Platform Units
TPK1212 1200mm X 1200mm
TPK1215 1200mm X 1500mm
TPK1515 1500mm X 1500mm
rapid ramp 5
Rapid Access Step unit

■ Fast and re-useable alternative to
traditional step-access methods
■ Available as 1, 2 or 3 tread units

rapid ramp 6

Typical applications for Rapid Ramp System include:
Local Authorities

Leisure centres and
entertainment venues
Private businesses Retail outlets and
shopping centres
Pubs, clubs and hotels  
Sheltered housing General institutions

Hospitals and health

Stations, airports and
other transport sites
such as booking facilities

Schools and education
Turn Platform Units
PK12t 1200mm X 1200mm - 90º Turn/td>
PK15T 1500mm X 1500mm 90º Turn  
PK22 2200mm x 1200mm - 180º Turn - 200mm Gap  
PK24 2400mm x 1200mm - 180º Turn - 400mm Gap  
PK27 2700mm x 1200mm - 180º Turn - 300mm Gap  
Ramp Section Units
RSK103 1000mm X 300mm
RSK105 1000mm X 500
RSK1010 1000mm X 1000mm
RSK1020 1000mm x 2000mm
RSK123 1200mm x 300mm
RSK125 1200mm x 500mm
RSK1210 1200mm x 1000mm
RSK1212 1200mm x 1200mm
RSK1215 1200mm x 1500mm

Trombone End Units 1000mm
TEK10 800mm
RTEK10 800mm
VTEK10 800mm
Trombone End Units 1200mm
TEK12 800mm
RTEK12 800mm
VTEK12 800mm
Gate and Step Units
GSU1 Gate & 1 Tread Step Unit
GSU2 Gate & 2 Tread Step Unit
GSU3 Gate & 3 Tread Step Unit